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Juxin (Jiangsu) New Material Packaging Co., Ltd. 苏ICP备19055967号-1


In 2009, Juxin (Jiangsu) new material packaging Co., Ltd. embarked on the arduous road of entrepreneurship with its unique perspective, aiming at creating an international modern printing enterprise and creating a new world of printing industry.


Technology is the foundation of packaging quality. For more than ten years, Juxin has been keeping up with the trend of international packaging technology. It has invested tens of millions to introduce Heidelberg 5 + 1 printing machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic die-cutting machine, automatic box pasting machine, automatic high-speed gravure printing machine, high-speed laminating machine and high-speed solvent-free laminating machine.


In the process of development, Juxin strictly abides by the sustainable development strategy, uses degradable raw materials for packaging, and prints with harmless, non flammable and non explosive water-based ink to provide customers with modern packaging products of health and environmental protection.


At that time, Juxin takes environmental protection materials as the body and soul, and strives to build a professional environmental protection brand!