Current situation and development trend of packaging industry in China



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Current situation and development trend of packaging industry in China

On the morning of December 28, 2016, the eight session of the two Council of China Printing Technology Association was solemnly held in Beijing, China's workers' home. Wang Li, vice president of China Packaging Federation, attended the meeting and made a wonderful speech on the topic of "the current situation and trends of the packaging industry in China". She is from the industry status and development environment, the packaging industry economic situation and other aspects of the current development of the packaging industry; at the same time, Wang Li also detailed interpretation of the "guidance" on accelerating the transformation and development of China's packaging industry, packaging industry views that should clear the direction of the three green packaging and intelligent packaging, packaging safety. Let's take a look at the wonderful content shared by Vice President Wang li.
First, the industry status and development environment
(I) development achievements
1, highlighting the status of industry
The packaging of more than 250 thousand enterprises, the main business revenue exceeded 1 trillion and 800 billion yuan, the annual growth rate is higher than the industry average growth; contribution of China GDP 2.2%, ranked fourteenth in the country's 38 major industrial categories, as the world's second large packing position further solid; "12th Five-Year" period, accumulated to provide supporting services for sales 120 trillion yuan of domestic sales of goods and 50 dollars in export commodities Yuwanyi.
2, the gradual optimization of industrial structure
In order to further improve the paper, plastic, metal, glass, machinery, printing as the main form, covering the industrial pattern of packaging design, materials, equipment, products and logistics; the rapid development of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay industry concentration increased, the total output value accounted for more than 60%; in addition, leading enterprises large and medium Small and micro businesses mutual long pattern.
3, the technical level has improved significantly
Take a number of major national scientific research projects; the establishment of a number of national and Provincial Department of industry and Engineering Technology Center, technology research and development center, industry incubation center, science and technology innovation and achievements in industry transformation ability strengthens unceasingly; overcome the key techniques in the field of a number of materials, equipment, technology, products, etc..
4, circular development has achieved initial success
Strengthen the concept of green development, expanding the use of environmentally friendly materials, clean production, energy saving and emission reduction and resource recycling new technology popularization; clean production enterprise "small cycles", "recycling industries and eliminate backward production capacity in the region," renewable resource recycling system of "big cycle" development model is gradually formed; the implementation of the "packaging and packaging waste" and "limit excessive packaging of goods" standard.
5, the ability to contribute significantly enhanced
In the service of the national strategy, adapt to the needs of people's livelihood, building a manufacturing power, and promote economic development in the contribution ability significantly improved.
(two) main problems
1, the industry positioning is not clear enough
No integrated into the Chinese manufacturing industry system, failed to organic docking "made in China 2025" and intelligent manufacturing action plan.
2, the core competitiveness is obviously insufficient
The industry of independent innovation ability is weak, the major investment in science and technology innovation and enterprise technology R & D investment shortage; high technology to achieve a major breakthrough, advanced equipment and key technology import dependence, show the large industrial characteristics is not strong; the low proportion of high level talents, leading to a serious shortage of innovation team training mechanism is not perfect, the innovation system is not perfect.
3, "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" development is not high
Industrial regional development imbalances and lack of coordination; low grade, homogeneous products production enterprises repeated construction outstanding, low-end production capacity, excess capacity is not to take the initiative to resolve the extensive mode of production enterprises; high input, high consumption, high emission is relatively common, green production mode and the system has not been effectively formed; packaging manufacturing process automation information and intelligence level needs to be improved.
Two, the economic operation of the packaging industry
(1) operation of packaging industry in 2015
1. overview
In 2015, China's packaging industry regulations on enterprises totaled main business income of 1 trillion and 136 billion 548 million yuan, an increase of 4.08%, the growth rate dropped by 3.05% over the same period last year; the national packaging industry accumulated a total profit of 69 billion 285 million yuan, an increase of 6.20%, the growth rate increased by 3.26% over the same period last year; the accumulated total profits of 104 billion 56 million yuan, an increase of 5.75%, the growth rate of increased by 1.12% over the same period last year; total import and export $49 billion 527 million, an increase of -0.62%, the total exports of $28 billion 98 million, an increase of 4.18%, imports of $13 billion 178 million, an increase of -8.52%.
2. Analysis of the main business income of the packaging industry in China
In 2015, 1-12 months, the national packaging industry completed the main business income of 1 trillion and 136 billion 548 million yuan, an increase of 4.08%. In December, the main business income was 111 billion 248 million yuan, an increase of 1.22%.
Analysis of monthly revenue and growth rate of main business income
Main business income -- monthly main business income comparison for three consecutive years
Main business income distribution of industry class
Paper and paperboard container manufacturing completed the main business income of 342 billion 11 million yuan, accounting for 30.09%, an increase of 4.22%.
Main business income - regional distribution
Main business income -- enterprise type proportion
Revenue of main business -- proportion of enterprise scale
3. Analysis of total profit of packaging industry in China
In 2015, 1-12 months, the national packaging industry completed a total profit of 69 billion 285 million yuan, an increase of 6.20%, the increase rate