Printing industry's ultimate goal: green printing "printing" out of the green world



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Printing industry's ultimate goal: green printing "printing" out of the green world

In recent years, green printing has become an effective means to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollutant emissions in printing industry. Since our region through the implementation of green printing, effectively guide the printing enterprises to carry out technological innovation, research and development of energy saving and environmental protection equipment, the use of printing technology and printing materials, and to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote ecological conservation and environment friendly society construction better.
Yesterday, the reporters came to Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Daxing District Yizhuang Town, into the plant, the paper mixed with ink fragrance fragrance Pumianerlai, company staff told reporters: "now companies use paper and ink are non-toxic, used in water-based coatings technology and plant dusting technology is reduced the dust and the air pollutants, the maximum extent to avoid the production of staff physical damage". In a corner of the workshop, many varieties of books lined with neatly, the reporter picked up a "children's Encyclopedia of the human body", found the book printed on the back of a "green flag" pattern, the staff explained that this is to protect the health of adolescents, now on the market of books, books for young people and children the textbook books must be in the green printing technology, and mainly undertake this part of Hualian printing printing books.
Green printing not only has strict requirements for raw materials, but also has multiple checks on the production technology and equipment. Tong Sheng Printing Co. Ltd. in Beijing, the reporter saw the plate CTP technology computer, it will turn into digital text, image, using laser scanning imaging directly generating plate, eliminating the imposition, print operation; centralized ink supply system of printing machine with the use of electronic automatic weighing, automatic display instrument lamp technology to reduce ink waste and pollution, can save metal ink tank and solid waste emissions. Technical staff: the United States Gauss SUNDAY2000 printing rotary machine to reduce the 4000 waste, a year down to reduce 1 million 200 thousand; new environmentally friendly Ecocool oven used, can save 30% of the annual use of natural gas".
Reporters learned that green printing itself uses non-toxic harmless, recyclable materials and equipment, can play the role of environmental protection, energy saving, reduce pollution. Currently my area part of printing enterprises have become the national fixed-point book printing enterprises, for example, Hualian printing bear "APEC2014 Beijing" win-win cooperation brochure printing tasks in APEC during the year, and for China and Europe and the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries market boutique printing services, annual sales of more than 350 million yuan. In 2014, Sheng printing was selected as the key enterprise and key project enterprise of national cultural export, which expanded the export of cultural products and services, and promoted the Chinese culture "going out" to a certain extent".