"Common sense" matters for custom production of gift boxes"



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"Common sense" matters for custom production of gift boxes"

One, seihan, now the gift box pay attention to the appearance of beautiful and beautiful, so the production of color is also a variety of versions, usually a style of gift box is not only 4
A few basic colors and a few spot colors, such as gold, silver, these are spot colors.
Two, paper selection, the general gift wrapping paper is to use double copper and dumb copper paper to do, weight is generally 128G, 105g, 157G, little gift wrapping paper
There will be more than 200g, because the wrapping paper is too thick, the package is easy to foam, and the outside look also very stiff. Mounting paper is based on customer requirements
Choose appropriate double gray paper, commonly known as gray paperboard or gray cardboard.
Three, surface treatment, gift box wrapping paper usually to do surface treatment, the common is the light glue, too dumb glue, over UV, light oil, too dumb oil.
Four, mounting, usually printed products are mounted after the beer, but the gift box is first beer after mounting, one is afraid of making flowers wrapped paper, two is gift box pay attention to the overall beautiful, courtesy
Box mounted paper must be hand made, so that it can reach a certain beauty.
Each process will have problems, and these problems are completely avoidable for our professional gift box customization factory.